Halloween safety tips

22 December 2008

Costume planning

  • Your child’s costume should be bright and easily visible, add reflectors to the costume to make it even more visible. 
  • Masks can make it hard for children to see whats around them, including cars. Use hypoallergenic, non-toxic make-up when possible.
  • The costume should fit properly, make sure that it is not a tripping hazard. Avoid oversized shoes, long dresses or capes.
  • Do not use sharp objects as part of the costume. 

Trick or Treating

  • Supervise your child around lit pumpkins and never leave your lit pumpkin unattended. Use flashlights instead of candles in the pumpkins. 
  • Make sure that children have adult supervision when trick-or-treating. 
  • Supervise children when crossing the street. 
  • Encourage a buddy system if your older child is out trick or treating alone. Provide them with a cell phone and a flashlight and discuss their route ahead of time.
  • Teach children to stop and check for cars at driveway entrances, street corners and alleys.

Candy concerns

  • Screen your child’s bag of candy. Throw away candies and other foods that are not in wrappers. 
  • Keep hard candies and other small items which can pose as choking hazards out of reach of infants and toddlers. 

Reviewed by Trauma specialists at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Last updated:May 2020

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