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Academic appointments

Assistant Professor (Clinical), Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University


Research interests

I study the organization and delivery of health services to children, including primary care and care for common childhood illnesses such as asthma. I am currently conducting a study on the quality of primary care for children in Quebec, focusing on the disparities in outcomes among vulnerable children, including those of different socioeconomic status and those with chronic diseases. I am also examining the evidence behind practices for routine well-child visits to primary care providers. My studies aim at working with knowledge users (the decision makers and administrators of healthcare, as well as practicing clinicians) to influence healthcare policy and the delivery of healthcare to children.

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Pediatrics, health services research, primary care, asthma, administrative databases, guidelines, preventive care, knowledge translation, knowledge synthesis

Selected publications

Petel D, Li P, Emil S. Percutaneous pigtail catheter versus tube thoracostomy for pediatric empyema: A comparison of outcomes. Surgery 54:655-661, 2013.

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