Welcome to the Montreal Children's Hospital!

Our Welcome Guide guide contains information about the hospital and its services, and provides a better understanding of what to expect during your child's stay at the hospital.

Chez Nous - Special Edition 2024

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Prevent summer injuries: top tips to stay safe

Summer is here and families are already spending quality time outdoors. To ensure that these events are full of fun times and good memories, the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH) Trauma Centre issues this important alert.

Managing pain through psychosocial intervention

We often tend to believe that pain is only physical. However, it also has an important psychological aspect.

Is it an emergency?

If your child's case is not urgent, please consider consulting these other resources.
  1. Info santé

    Check with Info-Santé by dialling 8-1-1

  2. Clinic

    Call your doctor or a network clinic

  3. Emergency

    If recommended, go to the Emergency department